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Welcome to Community Pride Bank!

Community Pride Bank is a privately held local community bank dedicated to serving the banking needs of the communities in which we serve.

You can rely on Community Pride Bank to deliver the highest level of service quality along with a selection of products and services to meet all of your banking needs. It is our goal to work as your financial partner with your banking needs so that you can focus on building your business. We will provide personal attention and will help you select the products and services that fit your business needs.

Our Banking staff offers a high level of personalized service to all of our banking clients. Our lending team will design customized lending options with competitive terms. Our staff and owners are committed to exceeding your expectations by “out creating” and “out innovating” our competitors.

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Banking Brochures

Personal Banking Brochure Personal Banking Brochure

Business Banking Brochure Business Banking Brochure

Lost/Stolen Debit Card

If your debit card has been lost or stolen call:

During Bank Hours: (763) 862-6500
After Bank Hours: (866) 546-8273 



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Your Private Information

We, at Community Pride Bank, take your private information seriously and will never contact you via phone, email or text to ask you for your private information. If you receive such communication, please contact us immediately at: (763) 862-6500.

Important Information
  Heartbleed threat
Community Pride Bank was not affected by the Heartbleed threat

Many of you have recently heard media reports about the Heartbleed threat that has affected a large number of internet sites. Heartbleed is a name used to describe a security vulnerability in Open SSL – a popular, open source protocol used to protect user names, passwords, and sensitive information on secured websites.

Our Internet Banking service providers have informed us that they do not utilize the vulnerable technology.

Consumers should be advised to be certain that they are using precautions to protect themselves by frequent password changes, securing confidential information, using industry leading fraud security products on their online devices to detect any viruses, avoiding suspect websites, and ignoring/deleting any emails from unknown entities.

  Target Breach

Read Community Pride Bank's response to the financial information breach at Target.

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Fraud Alert Center

Protecting you and your financial information is important to us at Community Pride Bank.  Visit our Fraud Alert Center to learn about current scams. 

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